Welcome to New York’s Haunted Hotel Hotspots

Are you brave enough to spend the night in one of New York’s most haunted hotels? If ghostly encounters and paranormal mysteries give you more of a thrill than a chill, you’ll want to book a room at one of these 15 spooky yet luxurious accommodations. From Buffalo to the Hamptons, these haunted hotels and inns stake their claim as the top haunts for adrenaline-seeking guests. So pack an extra pair of underwear and get ready to scream!

The Finger Lakes: Where Spirits Linger Over the Water

Flanked by serene lakes and rolling vineyards, the Finger Lakes region seems like the last place you’d expect to encounter things that go bump in the night. But as many guests have discovered, some of New York’s most hair-raising haunts lurk in this bucolic area.

01. Fainting Goat Island Inn – They Ain’t Fainting Over the Fares

    02. 1867 Parkview Inn – Party Like It’s 1899

      Owego’s 1867 Parkview Inn hosted titans of industry like John D. Rockefeller back in its heyday. Judging by the paranormal antics, the party hasn’t stopped since Rockefeller’s last visit. In addition to ringing bells and self-propelled objects, guests may run into the ghost of a guest who overstayed their welcome…

      03. Belhurst Castle – The Haunting of Lady Isabella

        Photo Credit: www.fingerlakes.com

        Situated alongside shimmering Seneca Lake, Belhurst Castle promises romance, luxury, and…the anguished spirit of a woman named Isabella forever mourning her lost love? Hey, that’s one way to keep the passion alive, I suppose…

        04. Miles Wine Cellars – The Riesling Residence

          Photo Credit: www.tripadvisor.com

          Oenophiles with a taste for the supernatural should head straight for Miles Wine Cellars in Himrod. This 1802 Greek Revival mansion serves up renowned Rieslings and…unexplained phenomena?

          05. The Naples Hotel – Don’t Mind the Man in the Civil War Uniform

          Photo Credit: www.napleshotelny.com
          Forget about leaving a mint on your pillow. At the Naples Hotel, you’re more likely to find a spectral woman and her phantom children keeping you company in your room. As if that’s not unnerving enough, tales of a Civil War soldier apparition and “Topper” the ghostly man continue to freak out guests (and staff)…

            Greater Niagara: Hauntings that Put the “Falls” in Waterfalls

            While the roar of Niagara Falls might drown out things like ghostly giggles or clanking chains, these hotels make sure their haunted guests are heard. Or at least, seen.

            06. Red Coach Inn – That Ain’t the Hotel Concierge

            Photo Credit: www.redcoach.com

              Honeymooners booking the Red Coach Inn don’t expect to encounter the hotel’s third (un)lucky guest in their room. Yet many have reported seeing apparitions, objects moving inexplicably across dressers, and hearing ethereal music in the dead of night…

              07. Genesee Falls Inn – Spooky is as Spooky Does

                Guests brave enough to spend the night at the Genesee Falls Inn in Portageville will encounter thrills of the most chilling variety. You may detect an eerie feeling as you enter this 1870s Victorian, hearing doors open and close on their own or footsteps echoing through vacant hallways…

                08. Graestone Manor – The Neigh of the Haunted Horses

                Photo Credit: www.graestonemanor.com

                  Graestone Manor isn’t horsing around when it comes to scare-factor. Overnight paranormal tours invite you to investigate “hot spots” and documented apparition sightings throughout this beautifully preserved equestrian estate…

                  09. Hart House Hotel – The Case of the Vanishing Apparition

                  Photo Credit: Google My Business

                    The Hart House Hotel is no stuffy, old haunt. This former shirt factory from the early 1900s has been transformed into a hip Euro-style boutique hotel – while still keeping its supernatural roots intact…

                    The Capital-Saratoga Haunting Grounds

                    The ghosts seem to have stormed the Capital Region and the Saratoga area with full force. You’ll need to stay on high alert when booking nights at these spirit-saturated hotels.

                      10. Historic Hotel Broadalbin – Check In, Get Checker’d

                      Photo Credit: Google

                      Let’s get one thing straight: the Historic Hotel Broadalbin is not horsing around when it comes to paranormal guests. It began as a simple glove factory until it was shuttered and reopened as a hospital for thirsty…uh, people in treatment…

                      11. Timeless Tavern Restaurant and Inn – Hitchhikers of the Supernatural Kind

                      Photo Credit: Google

                        As the name implies, this Northville charmer transcends mere decades or eras and catapults patrons into straight-up Twilight Zone territory. Stop by the Timeless Tavern Inn’s restaurant for amazing cuisine and you may catch wind of the place’s sordid haunted history…

                        The Catskills Coven: Hobgoblins and Haunts and Ghosts – Oh My!

                        Blankets. Marshmallows. Campfire ghost stories. That’s about as spine-tingling as most “haunted” locales in the Catskills used to get – until now. These haunted hotels are beckoning the brave to come and face their fears.

                        12. Burn Brae Mansion – Curiouser and Curiouser

                        Photo Credit: Google

                          Sweeping grounds, babbling brooks, and…a labyrinth leading to the original owner’s final resting place? That’s just the start of the supernatural enticements awaiting guests of Glen Spey’s Burn Brae Mansion…

                          The Hudson Valley Haunts

                          With its gothic architecture and historic aura, the Hudson Valley was practically made for haunted hotels and inns. These regal haunts stretch from Tarrytown to Napanoch, inviting guests to get creeped out in style.

                          13. King House Mansion – Nightmare on Mansion Boulevard

                          Photo Credit: Google

                            Part of the luxurious Tarrytown House Estate, the stately King House Mansion provides a spectacular setting for ghostly encounters. Staff reports suggest the spirit of a former lady of the house paces the second floor, possibly still mourning her tragic death in Room 293…

                            14. The Haunted Shanley Hotel – They Take the “Boo!” Literally

                            Photo Credit: Google

                              You have to admire The Haunted Shanley Hotel’s commitment to truth in advertising. This 1845 haunt proudly owns up to its paranormal rep, which includes rocking chairs wildly oscillating, inexplicable piano music and child-like laughter echoing through the halls, and the all-too-real feeling of being watched…

                              Central New York – Headless Horsemen, Ghostly Guests, and Lots of Scotch

                              The haunted accommodations of Central New York run the gamut from elegant Gilded Age mansions to cozy country inns. You’ll need a stiff drink from the region’s largest scotch collection to brace yourself for these encounters.

                              15. The Beekman House – The Haunting of Beekman Place

                              Photo Credit: Google

                                Despite its bucolic setting with stunning mountain vistas, guests checking into The Beekman House can never truly unwind – not with the ghost of a former resident roaming the 1835 Greek Revival Mansion…

                                  16. Brae Loch Inn – The Blue Lady Cometh

                                  Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

                                  Nestled alongside Cazenovia Lake, the Brae Loch Inn looks every part of the quaint, inviting Scottish inn. Don’t be fooled by the placid village surroundings and extensive whisky collection – kilt-clad phantoms are the least of your worries here…

                                  Book Your Boo-cation Now!

                                  From haunted islands and Victorian manors to historic inns loaded with lore, these 15 haunted New York hotels promise the fright of your life. Some offer paranormal investigations while others let the supernatural surprise you, but all make for a hair-raising and unforgettable haunted getaway. What are you waiting for? Boo-k your room today!

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