Why are brass knuckles illegal in new york?

The quiqest answer is ” YES ” brass knuckles are illegal in New York Under New York Penal Law 265.01(1).

It doesn’t matter for what pourpus you use or carring it, All the time brass knucles are considering as a wepon and possessing them is a misdemeanor offense. In simple words, in NewYork you can’t use, sell or manufature any type of knuckles or similler shaped or similler opparation tools. So better you keep your brass knucles at your home before visiting New York.

What are the other self defence wepons prohibited in New York

What happened if you were guilty for using a brass knuckle or any of above wepons in New York

The punishment for using any of the mentioned weapons in New York would depend on various factors including the specific circumstances of the case. If you dont have any previoues recored of criminal charges specially linked with using wepons.

However, generally speaking, the use of such weapons may lead to charges of assault, possession of a dangerous weapon, or other related offenses. Penalties could range from fines to imprisonment, with more severe consequences for offenses involving serious injury or death.

So I suggest to keep your arms away from the wepons, Always call 911 .

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