Dude, I Feel You on Leaving New York City – But Don’t Trash Talk My City Too Much!

The YouTube Video Made by Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约 – “Why I’m Leaving New York City”

The Cost of Living Crisis

Yo Xiomanyc, I just finished watching your video about why you’re leaving New York City, and man, I gotta say – I feel you on a lot of those points, but also kinda wanted to push back a bit as a born-and-bred New Yorker.

First off, the cost of living crisis you mentioned is just ridiculous. Paying $3,900 a month for a cramped little shoebox apartment while my buddies in Kansas are living like kings for the same money? Brutal. And don’t even get me started on the taxes we get slapped with at basically every level of government. Paying over 50% to federal, state, and city is highway robbery!

The Subway Situation

But here’s where I’ll push back a bit – of course the subway system has issues, but calling it an “embarrassment” that gets mocked by other countries seems over-the-top. Hey, our trains may be delayed and a bit grungy, but the subway is the life-blood of this city. It moves millions of people daily in a way that’d make other cities crumble. Cut it some slack!

The Gritty Charm of NYC

The public safety concerns you raised are definitely valid too. Having to cross the street to avoid an unhinged, shirtless dude shouting at pigeons is just par for the course here. And the subway definitely has its cast of colorful characters that can get a little too “colorful” if you know what I mean. But that’s also just part of the beautiful gritty charm of this place. NYC keeps it real, for better or worse.

Insane Construction Costs

I did laugh at your story of going viral on Chinese internet for complaining about our subway costs though. $4.5 billion for three new stations back in 2016? $11 billion recently for just one station?! Yeah, I can see why people were bewildered by those numbers. Our construction costs are insane.

Dropped Balls on Key Programs

The Pre-K program failing to actually provide spots despite the huge investment is super frustrating too. You’d think a program labeled “universal” would, you know, actually be universal. Seems like a major dropped ball there.

The Migrant Situation

While I agree the migrant situation is complex, I don’t think pitting migrants against the homeless/mentally ill crisis is the right take though. Can’t we focus resources on both? There’s enough wealth here to go around if we got our priorities straight.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

At the end of the day, I’m sad to see you go, but I get it. The city’s issues get overwhelming even for lifers like me at times. Just don’t be too harsh on NYC in your retirement, my friend! A little tough love from a native is understandable, but vegassing our hometown too much just ain’t cool.

Wishing you all the best in Jersey, bro. Maybe slightly lower taxes and construction prices that don’t make New York citizen’s eyes bleed will offset the lack of 24/7 dollar pizza joints. Let’s grab one final sloppy slice before you head out – it’ll be my treat!

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